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Ernest & Evelyn Stephan - Wedding
Ernest & Evelyn Stephan - Wedding
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William & Margaretha Devantier
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1801 census, Danmarksgade 330d, Fredericia, Denmark
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I'm so glad you stopped by!
This website is dedicated to the big Devantier Family.
It means all descendants of Pierre Devantier & Marie Labove.
Both born in France in the first half of 1600

The Devantier family consists of 8 branches
an American, an Australian, a New Zealand, a German, a Danish, a South African, a Brazilian and an Icelandic

Take a look at the different branches here

USA 1940 census and The Family Tree

Feel free to take a look around! If you find that you might be related please register for an account and I will be happy to hook you up.

I have found several cousins, both near and distant
and have come across some great additions to all the information.

Thanks to all who continue the research

Not all the information on these pages is authenticated as yet.... Although I'm working constantly at checking and recording sources. It's only as good as the information gathered from government records, church records, relatives, and online sources.If you find errors, have feedback, or can offer additional information, please forward it for inclusion in the project.

For our registered Users, you can use our Family Group Worksheet to upload your family information for inclusion in our website.

On Facebook I have a group called Devantier Family.

Please note: To protect the privacy of living descendants,
some information including photographs,notes and some names and dates are only available to registered users.
You can register for a user account, though to get access to these details, Please indicate your interest and/or connection to the Devantier Family Tree.

Regards Torben Devantie

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22 Jul 2014
Pierre Honore - 1779 ( 235 Years ago)
Jacques Devantier - 1786 ( 228 Years ago)
Jean Jacob Devantier - 1786 ( 228 Years ago)
Marie Dorothee Devantier - 1798 ( 216 Years ago)
Elisabeth Tillemann - 1806 ( 208 Years ago)
Wilhelm Olsen - 1817 ( 197 Years ago)
Marie le Fevre - 1818 ( 196 Years ago)
Marie Louise Tourbier - 1819 ( 195 Years ago)
Marie Elisabeth Ouart - 1828 ( 186 Years ago)
Peter Hans Deleuran - 1832 ( 182 Years ago)
August Peter Tourbier - 1833 ( 181 Years ago)
Peter Honore - 1837 ( 177 Years ago)
Ane Sofie Hansen - 1842 ( 172 Years ago)
Jeanne Wilhelmine Devantier - 1842 ( 172 Years ago)
Auguste Louise Grose - 1863 ( 151 Years ago)
Otto William Grose - 1875 ( 139 Years ago)
Carl Aksel Honore - 1880 ( 134 Years ago)
Johannes Grill - 1890 ( 124 Years ago)
Frantz Christian Nicolai Deleuran - 1893 ( 121 Years ago)
Herman Nicolai Lauritz Holm - 1901 ( 113 Years ago)
Howard Franz Devantier - 1919 ( 95 Years ago)
Bernita Moller - 1922 ( 92 Years ago)
Lorraine Lategan - 1972 ( 42 Years ago)
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