Pierre Devantier

Pierre Devantier

Male 1637 - 1692  (55 years)

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  1. 1.  Pierre Devantier was born 1637, La Gorgue, La Leu, France; died 16 Dec 1692, Woddow, Brandenburg, Germany.

    Other Events:

    • Occupation: 1661, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany; Farmer
    • Occupation: 1688, Woddow, Brandenburg, Germany; Farmer


    In 1637 Pierre Devantie was born in La Gourge in the landscape La Lau. It?s now in Northern France. At that time in history, the area was part of Spanish Netherland. The whole area is also called Paybas, and it extends into Belgium.

    Pierre was a farmer. A couple of the things he grew are 2 of the new crops, that came from America, namely Tobacco and Potatoes. I assume that they were industrious and talented. If you read the history books, this is the impression you get. The Huguenots were considered some of the best farmers in this century in France.

    One thing that had great influence, on the future, for the Huguenot families. Was that King Louis 14, had been taught to hate the Reformed. When he took absolutely power in France in 1661, he did everything possible to prevent the Reformed to operate and live. He persecuted Huguenots with death, banishment to galleys (slave ships) or deprived them of everything they owned.
    The Devantie Family probably also felt a lot of that, they could avoid persecution if they became Catholic or fled to neighboring countries. The latter did the Devantier family fairly quickly after Louis came to absolutely power in 1661.

    They fled to Friesenheim located in The Principality Palatinate in Germany. Here they were welcomed with open arms. The prince knew that they were good farmers and the reformed refugees, got many privileges, which made it possible for them to start a new life. Our family continued as tobacco and potato growers. The Devantier family got some good years here.
    In the 1680s disaster struck again. Principality Palatinate got a new prince. After pressure from France the prince became a Catholic. And he began to pursue the Reformed. He demanded that they should transfer their properties to the state.
    At that time, the Reformed had been so long in the land, that they had good farms. And now the Livelihood disappeared for the Huguenots, Also for the Devantier family. They fled the country in 1689.
    This time they fled further east to the Duchy Brandenburg (north of Berlin). Here they were welcomed with open arms. There came over 20,000 refugees to Brandenburg. Here they were granted large areas of land, which was devastated by wars and epidemics. The area was called Uckermarck, located between The Baltic Sea and Berlin. The Reformed started a dozen colonies, which quickly became real villages. Many of the names still exists including Battin, Bergholz, Klein and Gross-Ziethen, Gramzow and Woddow.
    The Devantier family moved to Woddow, where they started all over again with farming. Again it was tobacco and potato, which was the primary crop
    All this persecution and fleeing are too much for Pierre Devantier. I can easily imagine that he was tired and worn out now; He dies in 1692 only about 55 years old. It looks like, it?s the 4. Child (Isaac Devantier) that takes over the farm over the farm in Woddow. The next generation was ready to take over..

    Pierre married Marie Labove 1660, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany. Marie (daughter of Isaac Labove) was born 1641, Calais, France; died 1715, Woddow, Brandenburg, Germany. [Group Sheet]

    1. Pierre Devantier was born 1662, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany; died 2 Feb 1741, Bagemühl, Uckermark, Germany.
    2. Marie Devantier was born 1665, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany; died 2 Jun 1731, Potzlow, Brandenburg, Germany.
    3. Jacob Devantier was born 1665, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany; died About 1733, Reformed Congregation, Fredericia, Denmark.
    4. Isaac Devantier was born 1666, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany; died 17 Mar 1753, Woddow, Brandenburg, Germany.
    5. Jeanne Devantier was born 1667, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany; died 30 Dec 1701, Strassburg, Uckermarck, Germany.
    6. Abraham Devantier was born 1669, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany; died 14 Mar 1728, Krussow, Germany.
    7. Sara Devantier was born 1670, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany.
    8. Elisabeth Devantier was born 1683, Friesenheim, Pfalz, Germany; died 22 May 1724, Woddow, Brandenburg, Germany.

Generation: 2