The Devantier Family Tree

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia


Latitude: -27.614604, Longitude: 152.760876


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abrahams, D.C.O.   I5225
2 Denman, Cyril John  20 Aug 1905Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7720
3 Devantier, Anna Johanna Wilhelmine  13 Nov 1880Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I4690
4 Keillor, L.K.   I5223
5 Klatt, Gustav Albert Hugo  15 Aug 1879Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I4691
6 Mortimer, T.W.   I6736
7 Mortimer, William John  12 Aug 1924Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6735
8 O'Connell, D.J.   I4777
9 O'Connell, Francis (Frank)  20 Nov 1908Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I4736
10 Payne, Francis Henry  23 Aug 1883Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7725
11 Stephan, Carmel  22 Apr 1931Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6776
12 Stephan, Colin  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6790
13 Stephan, James  1927Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7744
14 Stephan, L.W.   I6789
15 Stephan, Lorraine  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6793
16 Stephan, Malcolm  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6788
17 Stephan, Margaret  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6787
18 Stephan, Peggy  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6792
19 Stephan, Shirley  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6786


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Denman, Robert John  5 Jan 1976Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7719
2 Devantier, Elizabeth  3 Jul 1974Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7709
3 Devantier, Ernst Frederick Herman  21 Aug 1937Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I4687
4 Devantier, Evelyn Eva  23 Aug 1996Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7717
5 Devantier, Jean  25 Jan 2011Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6734
6 Mortimer, William John  28 Mar 2008Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6735
7 Payne, Francis Henry  22 Jun 1955Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7725
8 Spragg, Auguste Ernestine  15 Sep 1940Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I4689
9 Stephan, Ernest Julius  1978Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7741
10 Stephan, James  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I7744
11 Stephan, Lorraine  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6793
12 Stephan, Margaret  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6787
13 Stephan, Peggy  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia I6792


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Devantier / Butterfield  2 Jun 1915Ipswich, Queensland, Australia F1658
2 Devantier / Spragg  3 Jan 1931Ipswich, Queensland, Australia F1598
3 McDonald / Devantier   F1659