The Devantier Family Tree

Jenny Cathrine Vilain

Jenny Cathrine Vilain

Female 1899 -



Confirmation from the Reformed parish register 1913 - 1914

Copies from The Reformed Congregation Church Book in Fredericia, Denmark. 1892-1972

Linked toAlberta Dagmar Devantier (Confirmation); Anna Cathrine Nielsine Devantier (Confirmation); Clara Maria Devantier (Confirmation); Petra Marie Devantier (Confirmation); Martha Susanne Honore (Confirmation); Petra Madsen (Confirmation); Klaudia Anna Christine Roager (Confirmation); Elisabeth Jensine Christine Stein (Confirmation); Jenny Cathrine Vilain (Confirmation); Karla Cathrine Vilain (Confirmation); Klara Elisabeth Vilain (Confirmation)
AlbumsReformed Church Book Fredericia 1892 - 1972