The Devantier Family Tree

Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany



City/Town : Latitude: 53.356901, Longitude: 14.03561


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Devantier, Anna Auguste Wilhelmine  16 Sep 1873Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10021
2 Devantier, Anna Marie Auguste  14 Jul 1878Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10306
3 Devantier, Auguste Friederike Albertine  11 Sep 1856Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10019
4 Devantier, Carl August Friedrich Wilhelm  6 Apr 1856Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10009
5 Devantier, Christian Frederick  1794Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I4679
6 Devantier, Christian Friedrich  24 Feb 1843Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10015
7 Devantier, Emilie Friederike Auguste  2 Mar 1882Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I5120
8 Devantier, Ernestine Wilhelmine  3 Jun 1841Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10014
9 Devantier, Ernestine Wilhelmine  13 Jan 1871Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10020
10 Devantier, Ernst Frederick Herman  22 Apr 1857Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I4687
11 Devantier, Ernst Friedrich Hermann  5 Sep 1844Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I5103
12 Devantier, Louise Augusta  8 May 1877Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I5107
13 Devantier, Louise Auguste Wilhelmine  11 Mar 1881Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10307
14 Devantier, Marie  1853Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10008
15 Devantier, Marie Louise  15 Nov 1849Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10018
16 Devantier, Marie Wilhelmine Auguste  8 May 1887Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10308
17 Devantier, Marie Wilhelmine Christine  1884Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I5166
18 Devantier, N.N.  18 Nov 1846Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10016
19 Devantier, Wilhelm Friederich  19 Jun 1859Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10010
20 Devantier, Wilhelm Friedrich  19 Nov 1839Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10013
21 Devantier, Wilhelmine Caroline  1847Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Devantier, Anna Marie Auguste  17 Apr 1880Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10306
2 Devantier, Christian Frederick  22 Mar 1877Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I4679
3 Devantier, Christian Friedrich  14 Sep 1843Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10015
4 Devantier, Ernestine Wilhelmine  28 Jan 1871Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10020
5 Devantier, Louise Auguste Wilhelmine  22 Mar 1881Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10307
6 Devantier, Marie  15 May 1853Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10008
7 Devantier, Marie Wilhelmine Christine  1884Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I5166
8 Devantier, N.N.  18 Nov 1846Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10016
9 Devantier, Wilhelm Friedrich  21 Mar 1841Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10013
10 Hildebrand, Wilhelmine Johanne Louise  17 May 1856Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I10007
11 Mark, Maria Christine  19 Jul 1837Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany I4680


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Devantier / Hildebrand  1854Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany F3520
2 Devantier / Zempke  13 Mar 1839Cremzow, Uckermark, Germany F1593